About Us

Mission Statement

β€œTo build and sustain a complete Home Entertainment & Information Services Company reputed for delivering its commitments to its customers, its employees, its vendors and to the entire community associated with it.”

Presently JPR Network is offering its services in four broad areas:

  • Analog Cable Television
  • Digital Cable Television
  • Broadband Services
  • Video-on-Demand

JPR Network is one of the largest Cable Network

JPR Network is one of the largest Cable Distribution companies in Mumbai with a strong emphasis on quality of service and content. This has enabled us to delight a very demanding subscribers base spread across Mumbai. With fiber optic backbone across our network and state-of-the-art distribution set ups, we bring in to your home the digital age of cable television and Internet connectivity, transforming the way you receive entertainment and information.

Further ahead

Further ahead, JPR Network is all set to provide to its customer a very cost-effective yet technologically advanced STB (Set Top Box) that would enable its subscribers to access a plethora of value-added services like Video-on-Demand (VoD), Push VoD, Gaming, e.Commerce etc. under a very secured Conditional Access System (CAS) at very competitive prices.