Welcome to the world of High-speed Broadband Internet!

JPR Network Broadband Internet is seeking to revolutionize the way people access the web. The high bandwidth advantage of the cable infrastructure of JPR Network brings you the true broadband Internet experience through cable.

JPR Network provides this service through its cable network on a subscriber’s PC/ Corporate LAN using a cable modem/router. Our fiber-optic backbone and its state-of-the-art Internet Node and Data Center makes the network capable of reliable Internet service as well as digital TV transmission.

Features of Broadband Internet:

  • High speed data download for Broadband Internet data speed starts from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps
  • Simultaneous availability of Phone and Internet on the existing Telephone line ”Always on Internet”
  • No call charges for Internet access
  • ‘High on Value’ Low on Cost Service
  • 24 Hours Help line and Technical support on phone
  • Easy registration on phone and web
  • Telephone will continue to work even in case of power failure at subscribers end
  • ‘Use now and pay later’ in telephone bill. It provides a means to bill based on Volume of data downloaded
  • It will provide Multi cast Video Services, Video-on-demand etc in future
  • Can share Broadband connection to create own LAN network i.e. more than one PC can be connected.